Tech-Finger Opens Registration in Asia to Expand Global Reach


In March 2023, Tech-Finger took a major step in its global expansion by gradually opening up registration in the Asian regions of Korea, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Mainland China and Singapore. This major decision marks Tech-Finger’s rapid global growth, which will bring new gaming experiences to millions of players and further expand our global reach.

The Asian region has always been an important part of the global gaming market, with a large gamer base and an active gaming community.
South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Inland China and Singapore all have vibrant and innovative gaming industries, and Tech-Finger’s decision-making team understands the potential and opportunities in this market and has decided to gradually open registration in Asia to meet the demand for innovative gaming experiences from local players.

First, we chose South Korea as the first country in Asia to open registration for Tech-Finger. South Korea is known for its unique gaming culture and developed gaming industry, which attracts the attention of many gamers and developers. the registration opening of Tech-Finger will bring a new blockchain gaming experience to Korean gamers, allowing them to participate in a safe and trusted gaming platform. At the same time, we will actively work with local Korean developers to promote innovation and growth in the gaming industry.

Immediately afterwards, we expanded the scope of open registration to include regions such as Hong Kong, China, Japan, inland China and Singapore. These regions are all important parts of the Asian game market with many game lovers and innovative game developers. Through open registration, we will provide players in these regions with convenient access to the innovative features offered by Tech-Finger such as one-click hosting and automatic revenue. At the same time, we will work closely with our local partners to understand and meet the needs of local players and bring them a high-quality gaming experience. We are confident that by working closely with gamers and developers in Asia, we will create more diverse and creative game content together.

The opening of Tech-Finger’s registration in these Asian regions did not happen overnight, but was a decision made after in-depth market research and strategic planning. We understand that each region’s gaming market and regulatory environment is different, so we will take an orderly approach to opening registrations to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations and to protect the rights and assets of players.

This decision not only brings more choices for players in Asia, but also opens up new markets and business opportunities for Tech-Finger. With a large and diverse player base in Asia, Tech-Finger will work closely with the local gaming community and developers to introduce game content and features that better meet the needs of the local market, continuously improving the user experience and meeting the expectations of players.

At the same time, this initiative will further strengthen Tech-Finger’s global reach. With the opening of registration in Asia, our user base will continue to expand and community activity will further increase, thus attracting the attention of more developers and partners. We will strengthen our partnership with the Asian region to promote the popularity and development of blockchain games in Asia.

Finally, we would like to thank all the players and partners who support and trust us. It is with your support and encouragement that we are able to move forward and step into a new chapter of globalization. tech-finger will always adhere to the philosophy of innovation, excellence and user-first to bring more exciting and exciting gaming experiences to players around the world.

In the future, Tech-Finger will work closely with local gaming communities and developers to continuously optimize game content and features to meet players’ needs. At the same time, this initiative will also expand Tech-Finger’s global reach, strengthen partnerships with the Asian region, and promote the development and popularity of AI games. We look forward to even greater success in Asia and will continue to work hard to achieve our vision of becoming the world’s leading AI+ game arbitrage platform.